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I'm starting to get a bit of content on the blog now so I figured that I better run through a few issues that have been bought to my attention.

The first issue that people have mentioned is that sometimes the photos won't open, I'm not really sure why this is but the way around it is to view the blog on goggle chrome if your having trouble. The other thing to try is to click on the photo and see if it will open in a separate window, if it does close the window and it should be up on the main blog. Don't ask me why I'm just happy if anything comes up on the screen when I turn on the computer.

On the subject of photos, if you just want to look at the photos and aren't interested in my waffle click on the first photo of the post. The photo should then open on another page along with all the other photos in the post, you can then scroll through using the sideways arrow on your keyboard or tapping the right side of the pictures.

If you've read a bit of my blog you may have noticed that its all over the place, with walks mixed with road trips and urban experiences, etc. If your only interested in day walks for example, click on the day walks link in the word index and only the posts about day walks will come up. Same for states and countries and everything else in the index for that matter.

The blog isn't meant to be something that could be used to safely complete these adventures, its only really to give me an outlet to document the adventures of my life. At best its an overview. There are a multitude of guide book writers in Australia and they need to make a living without an amateur like me back dooring them. For that reason I don't generally go into the turn left uphill, turn right at the big rock stuff. However if the notes I used are out of print or in some cases non existent then I'm happy to pass on information if you contact me. Also if the notes are a bit vague in a certain area I sometimes post a photo of a tricky intersection or section of track.

The blog is also searchable using the little blogger search engine one the top right hand corner of the home page, it's not perfect but it's better than nothing. I try and name the walks by their most common name and also use the park that they are in, so if you want to see if I've done a walk type in the park and the walk and see if it pops up.

April 2018 update.

It seems that now days there is somewhat of a profusion of walking/trekking/hiking websites appearing on the inter web with advertising. A lot of these sites put up walks that the authors haven't actually walked, cutting and pasting other peoples articles, no doubt to get content to draw in hits for the advertisements. For what it's worth I treat my blog as more of a self indulgent personal diary, I definitely don't put adds on it or take any kind of contra for comment. As my sometimes very dodgy photos show I've actually walked or experienced everything that I post. If I say that I enjoyed something or, less frequently, if I thought something was crap then that is my unvarnished opinion, an opinion not clouded by any financial or commercial interests.

February 2019 update.

With Google plus disappearing into the ether it has taken all my old comments with it. If anyone has left comments over the years and now has noticed that they've gone you weren't deleted, unfortunately it's one of those situations that I can't control.

June 2019 update
Hmm, two updates in one year....things are hectic in my Feral world! I'm in the process of linking all my posts to the interactive map at the top of the page. To make this work effectively click on the map to open the full page, then scroll to the area of interest. If I've been there then click on the icon and the name of the walk (mostly) and link will come up, click on the link and hey presto you should open the post you are looking for....maybe! For the best results you need to zoom right in on the map.


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