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I'm not sure what the go is with the comments section but it appears that some comments are disappearing into the dark recesses of the interweb, never to be seen again. It can be a little disconcerting to see your comment disappear,  I know when its happened to me on other peoples blogs I always wonder whether they've pulled the comment down.

So if you're having no luck with the blogger comments section, I'll give you a choice of email's to contact me on. First up try and if you don't get any love there try

I'm normally happy to help although I won't copy trip notes from guide books that are still in print.

Cheers Kevin


  1. I've done the 3 day Grampians hike more then I can count and a few
    Overnighters else where and would like to try the viking as the ones mentioned are easy and slightly signposted
    Could you tell what map to use for the viking and a a quick run down how to use it with a GPS

  2. Hi there, I'm thinking that you are talking about the Razor Viking Circuit? If I'm correct then you are making a huge jump in difficulty moving from 3 day walk in the Grampians to the Razor Viking Circuit, it might be wise to pick another High Country walk and build up to the Razor Viking once you have a little more experience. The Razor Viking has virtually no signposting, long sections with no track through thick scrub, tricky route finding through cliff lines and a lot of climbing and descending - it's a tough walk. I normally use the Howitt Selwyn Vicmap when I walk up there, and nowadays also my Garmin GPS topo maps. John Chapman has the best notes and map in his Bushwalking in Australia book. It's almost impossible to explain how to use a GPS with a paper map in one sentence, Youtube is probably your friend there - although I'd recommend maybe joining a bushwalking club where they will probably be more than happy to run you though the basics of navigation. If you do head up there take an epirb as a last resort - it could save your life. Good luck with whatever you decide - feel free to email me if you need anymore advice. Cheers.


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