Penang, Malaysia - January 2019

We didn’t have any great expectations for our day on Penang but it turned out to one of, if not our favourite, stops on our cruise around South East Asia back in late 2018 early 2019. This little island off the coast of Malaysia slipped under my radar a little, with abundant natural beauty and lots of cultural heritage as well, there was a lot to see. It wasn’t any of those things we noticed first up this morning as we walked off the ship though, our first impression of Penang was the heat and humidity, this place was stinking hot even at this early hour of the morning.
Thankfully with me being a fairly soft Feral traveller we only had to handle the heat for a few minutes before we boarded our air conditioned bus and headed off to check out the Botanical Gardens. Arriving at the gardens there was no avoiding the heat though, more than half of our group passed on the guided walk and took a golf buggy ride around the gardens but along with the more hardy leftovers Sam and I battled th…