Mt Macedon Circuit, Macedon Regional Park - August 2019

I’ve always wanted to visit Mt Macedon when the mountain had a dusting of snow, however on the rare occasions when snow falls low enough to coat the mountain I always seem to be at work. With snow predicted down to 600 metres on this Friday I figured that today could be the day, Mt Macedon tops around 1000 metres so in theory I should be in the snowy zone. Leaving home well before sunrise I was through the city before the traffic got too bad. After a quick stop for a coffee and a couple of toasties I pulled into the car at McGregors Picnic Ground just after sunrise to be welcomed by snow flurries…sweet!
With the weather meant to be deteriorating over the next couple of hours things were looking good as far as snow on the mountain goes. After getting my gear on in the front of the ute I emerged into the cold morning, grabbed my pack and set off. I wasn’t walking the more common Macedon Ranges Walking Track (MRWT) this morning though, instead I was walking a shorter circuit that incorp…

Beeripmo Camp to Richards Camp via Mt Buangor, Beeripmo Walk, Mt Buangor State Park - July 2019.

My night up at Beeripmo Walkers Camp was a long, damp and cold one, and I loved it! With the camp being just over 800 metres above sea level it was cold enough that I had to wear my light weight thermals to keep myself warm in my sleeping bag, which is just the way I like it…I’m definitely a warm sleeper and overheating is generally more of an issue for me than being too cold is. Thankfully by the time the sun came up most of last nights rain had passed me by so I was able to pack up and eat breakfast without worrying about keeping everything dry, which is always a good way to start the day. Unfortunately there wasn’t much in the way of a breeze blowing though, so it was a fairly wet tent that I shoehorned into my pack after breakfast, not that it mattered much as I was heading home anyway.
Leaving Beeripmo Camp at the crack of…9:30am (Yes, I tend to break camp at a similar speed to which I walk…s-l-o-w-l-y) I resumed my journey west along the grassy Firebreak Track. After crossing F…